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How to best store the items in your closet:

Please separate black PVC, black imitation leather, black lycra or other black coated fabrics. The black coated site always discolours other fabrics, especially bright colours. To prevent this, separate your black items from bright items.
The best way to separate them is to hang big white boxboards between the items in your closet.
Also, hang the items very loose in your closet. Do not tightly pack them. CAUTION:  Sometimes when black PVC materials are packed very tightly, spots looking like oil slicks may appear on them.  This does not happen often, but be warned, separate black items and hang loose in your closet.

How to best care for the items:

You do not need any powder, oil or other leather care. You can wash the item in 30°C (86°F) water in a washing machine, or better in a bowl. 

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT use fabric conditioner!

Use mild detergent or detergent for woolens.  Do not spin or wring dry!
Hang it up and rub it dry best with a bamboo cloth (or cotton cloth if you do not have a bamboo cloth).

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