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Please notice: In about 8 weeks is Christmas.
We are no mail-order company, we are an Atelier, means we tailor each item after your order.
Please think about your Christmas gifts early enough!
Thank you for paying attetion!

At our atelier you can find a lot of topmodern fetish-garments. All our products will be sewed exclusiv in our atelier, all are handcrafted for you. At our house you get an exclusive all round service.

At our place you don´t get mass processing and mass production. We give you an excellent service - from the first advice to to the care instruction and also we are after your order for you available.

Let your dreams be true in vinyl (PVC), leather(imitation), wetlook, plastic, lycra, satin, chiffon, faux fur or every other material what you would like, handmade by C & K Atelier.

Also own creations and designs are very welcome, please send us your ideas, if you send a description, a draft, pictures or something else, we realize your own and personal wishes, of course with personal consulting.  

Please test our excellent service and our exclusive quality products made in masterful hands, which is popular beyond the european frontier.

At our atelier are all welcome, they are lovers from exclusive women´s and men´s clothings, crossdressers, transgender and transsexual and all who would like to make his/her dreams true.   

When can we say hello to you as our new our costumer? 




Hologramm-Lycra, colour silver-black with rainbow-effect

Hologramm-Lycra, colour tiger-phantasy with rainbow-effect

 Items, made of this material, you can order as of now, by mail. Please message us for any questions: 




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 Now also our QR-Code available for a direct link to our homepage:



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